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Rules for fishing
Feeding the fish before fishing is prohibited.
Dogs must be leashed.
No fishing before payment.

There may only be fished withthe number of rods that are paid for.

Conserve nature, clean up after yourself.
Show respect to other anglers.

 Violation of rules = eviction

You can fish from sunrise to sunset year round.
The 6 lakes are located in a beautiful area, where there is also the opportunity to fish in 700m of Holtum Å.
The river runs along the lakes and a day ticket applies to both the 6 lakes and the 700m of Holtum Å.
The area has toilet, cleaning place, tables, benches and trash cans.
Since it is a natural area, which is enriched with plenty of wildlife,
to be taken consideration and do not throw waste etc. direct in nature, but use the bins that have been put up around the lakes.



Day ticket 300,00 kr

Sunrise to noon. 12:00 am DKK 200.00

12:00 pm to sunset DKK 200.00

6 hour card = DKK 200,00 (for example 10:00 - 16:00)
Children under 12 half price.

All prices are per. fishing rod.

No credit card accepted.



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