Midtjysk Angling Centre is one of Midtjyllands largest Put and Take lakes.

The area consists of a large lake, and a number of smaller lakes.

The Put and Take lakes is located in a particularly scenic
area with Holtum Å right next door.

The Day pass gives the right to fish in a area of 700m of Holtum å.

In the lakes you can catch rainbow trout from
approx. 400g and up to 7kg.

Fish exposed as needed
Buying Day pass is done by self-service.

There is no catch limit.

The area is allocated to disabled people, and there are good parking around the lakes.

Velcome to Midtjysk lystfiskercenter,vi like to see you

Midtjysk Lystfiskercenter | Løvbjergvej 19 - 21, Smedebæk, 7361 Ejstrupholm - Danmark | Tlf.: +45 40892184 | schang@mvb.net